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Property Management

Trust the experts and benefit from the profits


Property Maintenance

We take care of basic property maintenance tasks, like changing a light bulb to small fixes throughout your guest’s stay. Never worry about little things.


We increase occupancy, thanks to our multiple viewing channels and our many trusted corporate customers.

Professional Cleaning

We have professional crews to ensure your property is always in perfect condition and we provide top dressing for the best possible hospitality.

Reservation Management

We find, evaluate and communicate with your prospective visitors and choose the most ideal ones.


We evaluate your property for free and suggest solutions to make it as efficient as possible.

Reception service

After a long trip, a convenient arrival is everything your guests need. That’s why we organise a seamless check-in and check out for every guest.


We create and manage the listing of your property on the largest online platforms Αirbnb, Β, VRBO, Εxpedia, etc.

Price Optimization

With a dedicated Revenue Management Department we constantly adjust prices for the best possible occupancy, to achieve the greatest possible profit for you.